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An experienced consultant
focused on results & excellence.

Roger I. Reyes
Passion Open-Source Technologies, Blockchain, SEO, Digital Marketing, Cryptocurrency, and Decentralization
Location Miami, Florida
Languages English & Spanish

If you are an entrepreneur, a designer, a website owner, or perhaps you are planning to have a website, but are unsure how to start, please don't hesitate to contact me for a honest consultation.

Roger Reyes

I'm a Web Developer from Miami, Florida with 15 years of experience. As a professional, my passions are matters that involve: Web Development, Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, and Cryptocurrency. I also have experience in customer services, web hosting, and virtual private servers (VPN Hosting)

I am an active member of various quality forums and knowledge-based platforms. This, allows me to constantly research and experiment the latest trends and developments. In turn, I am always eager to provide the best solution to any circumstance.

Being a creative website developer with experience designing standard-compliant websites and cross-browser user interfaces, I possess strong critical thinking, problem-solving, and time management skills. I take great pride in being able to educate businesses and the community about my field and how it allows them to reach their goals and accomplish their mission.


About my services

I only accepting up to 7 selected clients for the next 4 months. I currently have 5 slots available.

itcoin accepted on all my services.

Planning to have a website, but you're unsure how to start? Or maybe you have great ideas, but don’t have time or skills to implement them all yourself? Contact me and I will make it happen!

Custom Website Design and Development

Custom Web Site Design / Web Development from $995 (One-Time Fee) for up to 7 pages or sections, plus a contact web form.

  • Work type include; HTML5 / PHP Website.
  • $595 more for a WordPress Website.
  • $895 more with a custom CMS (Content Management System). The custom CMS will be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Ready.
  • You will get the orginal source-code files.
  • The website and CMS will be build on Open-Source Technologies. Which are the best technology and supported by developers around the world.

*50% payment required in advance.

Contact Me For Any Questions

Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Fundamentals, On-Site & Off-Site SEO, Google & Directory Submissions, Website Tracker, and a Digital Marketing Strategy for your organization. All that from $595 for a to 7 pages website. (One-Time Fee)

  • Work type include; HTML5 / PHP Websites.
  • $0 more for a custom CMS (Content Management System) that I already built for your website.
  • $195 more for WordPress Websites.
  • $349 more for your CMS (Content Management System).

*50% payment required in advance.
No Contract Required

Contact Me For Any Questions
Affordable Monthly Services from $35 an hour for Website Maintenance, Search Engine Optimization, Web Project & Reputation Management
  • 4 hours or less of work is $70 per hour. No Contract Required
  • *12 hours of work at month - $50 per hour
  • *24 hours of work at month - $44 per hour
  • *40 hours of work at month - $40 per hour
  • *70 hours of work at month - $37 per hour
  • *71 or more hours of work at month - $35 per hour

Work type include; Content Management Systems (CMS), HTML5 / PHP Websites, WordPress Websites, Web Forms, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Project Management, and Reputation Management.

*Two Months Contract Minimum Required.

Contact Me For Any Questions

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Some Of My Selected

An experienced consultant focused on creative & results

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Miami Grill Catering
Catering Company

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BBQ Catering Website

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Zion Ministries

Cancer Foundation Website

We Care Chemo Kits
Cancer Foundation

Courier Website

Courier Company

Law Firm Website

Gurian Group
Law Firm

Tan/Massage Website

Portfolio Sample
Tan/Massage Company

Public Relations Website

Infinite Source
Public Relations (PR) Company

Cryptocurrency Website

Cryptocurrency Network

Manufacturer Website Form

Manufacturer Form

Website Design/Development, Marketing, SEO, Reputation Management & Cyptocurrency


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An experienced consultant
focused on results.

Roger I. Reyes


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