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What is Domain-Name

Understanding the importance of Domain-Names is a critical part of a business person or a website owner at every level.

A domain name is the website address where internet users can access websites. It identifies the location of a website by name, instead of IP addresses in which are a series of numbers. That's why the domain-name system was developed to identify entities on the internet, rather than using IP addresses in which is harder to remember.

A domain name can have numbers and letters with an extension such as .com, .net, .org, and many other available extensions. Every domain name is unique in the combination of several domain name extensions. Domain names are very inexpensive and you can get one for about $12 to $24 per year. Some of the domain names are in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars because there're people reselling domain names.

The important to choosing a good domain name

Choosing a domain name is a very important task at every level because is the first impression and it can define your brand. And at some degree, it can also help to rank better in the search engines if the website has a solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) fundamental. But keywords in your domain names are no longer necessary to rank better in the search engines; however, it can still help in the search engines ranking results.

A domain name can be your business branding opportunity. Choosing a ".com" domain name can be the best thing you can do if you are running a business for profits. Or a ".org" and a ".com" as well if you are running a non-profit organization. Getting a short domain name is better than a long one, so choose wisely. The most common name length is approximately 10 or 12 characters. Make sure it's easy to type unless you already have your company name in place. If possible, try to avoid numbers and hyphens.

Domain-Name & Subdomain Name Example

An example of a domain name is "" and anything after the extension, in this case, ".net" is the path of a particular web page. For instance, the domain name of this website is "", but the path of this particular web page is "". Now that you know what is domain-name, let's move to what is sub-domain.

A sub-domain is a subdivision of a domain name. It is an additional section of the main domain name. You can have unlimited subdomain and at no cost, because it comes from your main domain name. For instance, the domain name of this website is "" and if I want to create an online store I can create a subdomain name call "". In this case, the "store" is the subdomain name.

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