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Understanding what 'source code' is and how it works is vital for a website owner.

Source Code is a collection of instructions, and statements written by a Web or Software Developer using computer programming languages. Source Code is also referred to as the "working files" which contains functions, variables, declarations, loops, and other statements in code. In essence, it instructs the website, software, or app, how to display and function.
In a nutshell, the "front-end codes" conduct the visual elements and the "back-end codes" determine functionality.

Source-Code Examples

An example from a website point of view with a Content Management System (CRM), and from a "back-end code" perspective is that the logic is executed by the web server, database server, and application server to process the requested set of instructions before sending it to the web browser in "front-end code". Then, the web browser process the "front-end code" to display the website you are viewing right now.

You can view the source-code of a website "front-end code" by clicking "Ctrl+U (On a PC) or Option+ Command+U (On a Mac) or just type "view-source:" in the website address bar, before the "HTTP" or "HTTPS" to view the source code of the website in a desktop computer, cell phone, or any smart-device.

The Importance of Obtaining Your Source Code

As a website owner, it is important that you understand the concept of 'source code.' One of the benefits of having the source code of your website or application in your power is that you will never be attached to a company or a freelancer. If you want to move on from the programmer who is working on your project, you will be able to.

Choosing The Best Platform or Framework for your project

Choosing the right platform or framework for your website is also a very important decision. If you create your website on a centralized platform, you will not have access to the source code of your website nor be able to make any changes to your site. Unless, you continue paying a fee imposed by the centralized company to use their software. This is why I recommend open-source technology because as the owner of your source code, you can make website modifications and creation without any attachment.
This is why I preferred open-source technology, so I can freely own the source code of my own website modifications and creation without any attachment.

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