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The practical understanding of web hosting & web servers for a business person, a website owner, and a SEO Consulting

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Understanding the basics of web hosting & web servers, is a very important part for a business person, a website owner, and an SEO Consulting

A web hosting is a service that allows website owners to post their websites on the internet. The websites are securely stored on web servers (special computers) and when people type your domain name into their browser. Their computers will connect to your server behind-the-scenes and then your web site will display into their web browsers.

The domain names and web hosting are totally two different services, but they work together to make a website available to internet users.
For a small business is fine to have a shared web hosting plan. The average of a shared web host plan is about $10 to $24 per month depending on the bandwidth and other factors, but it includes the maintenance or updates of the web-server.
On a shared host, a web server can have hundreds or even thousands of websites in one big server; But it is a lot cheaper than having your own web server. You can rent or buy a web server, but it could cost you hundreds of dollars per month plus web server, application server, and database server knowledge. Having your web server it's not necessary, but it can help you with an increase of your website traffic, and your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effort, if you put your website to work!

Most of the websites are hosted by big companies or data centers. This is the best option if you don't have enough money to have your own web server and a server administrator. You can have a freelance Web Developer to build your website and then host it on any big web hosting company or a data center without a problem.

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