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Website maintenance is a monthly service consisting of frequent updates to your website in order to keep it relevant and ensure web traffic growth. Your website is an important tool to attract new customers and maintain existing clients. Therefore, it is important to keep your website up to date, secured, and visually attractive to set you apart from the competition.

Website Maintenance Checklist for 2020 (Top 15 Guidelines)

Google and other search engines list the most relevant and up-to-date information websites on their search engine results. To drive traffic to your website, you’ll need to keep your website updated. Here are some website maintenance monthly tasks recommendations for 2020:

  • Creating a website backup
  • Checking all your web pages for loading errors
  • Removing any spam comments from your web pages or posts
  • Checking web forms and calls-to-action
  • Writing two or more blog posts, web pages, or FAQ to engage with your community
  • Checking for broken links
  • Website speed load check
  • Checking for old content for possible update. This incude images and layout
  • Testing your website on all devices and web browsers as well to see if is displaying correctly
  • Checking for links that is pointing to your website
  • Checking your website's marketing campaign(s)
  • Ensuring your web host and domain-name are renewed
  • Website traffic report
  • SEO marketing strategy
  • Hire Professionals

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Website Maintenance

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